What Can Synergy Do For Your Business?
  • Reduce costs through accountability, transparency and integrity.
  • Facilitate document control with a reliable, secure information thread.
  • Reduce the workload of team members by eliminating duplication.
  • Provide transparency with tamper-proof audit trails.
  • Reduce the cost of data storage and retrieval.
  • Ensure compliance with company information management policies.
  • Enhance control when sending and receiving project information.
  • Encourage better project discipline, making people accountable for their actions.
The "Band-Aid" Method

Synergy is designed to eliminate the ‘band-aid’ method of information management and document control.

Information within a project should not be disjointed, disorganised and unregulated. Users should not have free-reign over how the information is viewed and distributed. Nor should users shoulder the responsibility for security, data integrity and redundancy. Many projects struggle, needlessly, with these issues. This results in managerial and administrative users continuously attempting to "patch" an already defective system of project management and collaboration, thereby further compounding problems.

Synergy solves these problems by bearing the shared-responsibility of organisation and regulation. The platform enforces fine-grained control of all information, collaboration, tracking, auditing, data ingestion, data distribution and user accessibility. All information is accessible, anywhere, anytime and on any smart device.

Too Many Projects Still Operate With Partial Collaboration

The creators of Synergy understand that every project is different and each organization operates differently. Project administrators can now customise their portfolio of projects and have a unique set of rules based on their business or project needs.

This allows for the opportunity to share information with external parties without having to invite them in, while still maintaining an audit trail in Synergy.

One Version of the Truth

Synergy’s document control provides a source of ‘one truth’ for all documents of any kind within a project. Each document revision is carefully stored and categorised to ensure that the correct and most up-to-date document is available for distribution. Changes, of any nature, to documents are securely tracked and maintained. No information is ever removed or overwritten, providing a robust audit trail.

  • Documents can never get lost.
  • All activity is recorded in one central location.
  • Documents can never be deleted.
  • Documents history always remains with each revision.
  • There is always an undisputable audit trail.
Access Information in "Real-Time"

NO MORE hunting for documents before a meeting. The latest documents can be accessed immediately, anywhere and at any time.

NO MORE disputes as to when drawings were issued and to whom drawings were issued to.

NO MORE compiling of drawing registers. Documents can be sorted and filtered by any field and a register can be exported to Excel thereafter. The system automatically generates an up to date drawing register for each consultant on-demand.