Document control is simple to deploy, access and customise. Create your own folder hierarchy to store and share documents. Any document format can be stored in the folder hierarchy, including Office files, traditional CAD files, BIM files and emails. By default, users will only ever be looking at latest versions of files, though previous revisions are always available with a full access audit trail.


Synergy manages information uploading and distribution, as well as automatic revision control and online revising. A wide range of features are made available that allow members to correspond, discuss, track and associate information relative to the life cycle of a task or action throughout the project.


Manage an unlimited number of documents without any restrictions on features. Any number of files, any size, any type, anywhere. Manage an unlimited number of users without restrictive and expense user-licensing schemes.


Access and manage documents via any web browser. Simply and securely sign in on any device to access your project information.

Powerful Search

Finding documents is quick and easy with Synergy’s optimised searching capabilities. Search, sort and filter by any field through hundreds of thousands of documents in a secure and highly performant environment.

Revision Control

Revision control enables the tracking of changes to frequently updated drawings and documents within a project. The integrity of the data in these documents is maintained by enforcing workflow rules over who, how and when each document can be revised.

Check In / Out

Documents can be locked by using the check-in / check-out feature. This workflow control mechanism prevents any potential conflicts caused by multiple users working on and revising a particular document. Checked-out documents can only be revised by the authorised user and then checked back in. Project administrators are able to check-in any document should the need arise for the subject document to be revised in short order by another authorised user.

Associate Tasks

Ad-hoc tasks can be created, associated with documents and assigned to designated users within a project. This ensures that actionable information reaches the intended recipients; that progress can be tracked and that collaboration on complex drawings is more efficient.

Approve Document

Documents can be registered for approval. This workflow feature ensures that pre-selected users are able to validate and approve a drawing or document to ensure that it is ready to be issued to the relevant recipients. Document approval can be declined, preventing the release of the document and thereafter sending the approvers’ comments to the author with one or more reasons for the decision.

Activity Feed

Any activity related a particular document is captured and auditable. These activities are presented in an activity feed for all authorised users to view, which can be used for tracking progress and the resolution of disputes.


Store all information in a completely customisable folder structure to keep your project coherent and organised. Granular permissions can be established for each user in each folder to ensure that all users adhere to best-practice policies on project management, document control and security.


Document commenting is a valuable tool for enhancing collaboration. Users can easily communicate their intent and participate in discussions when working on tasks in concert. There is no longer a need for collaborative information to be disjointed and dispersed over multiple platforms such as email, text and instant messaging. This information can be unified into one stream for greater business insights.