We appreciate your risks and how they differ by role in a project. Our platform is uniquely positioned to address these risks.

Synergy is a leading specialist of document management and collaborative solutions to Southern Africa’s building and infrastructure sectors. The reason we are a leading specialist is that we understand the challenges and problems that our clients face in construction at every stage of the project life cycle and as professionals in the industry we design our products to help overcome those problems and challenges.

Our products sit on top of a broad range of collaborative functionality that is designed to make collaborating easier with less administration required. You do the work, Synergy simply does the admin. You need cloud-based document management software that is built for the South African industry and designed to make your projects more successful. That’s where Synergy can help.

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There is still a general perception that document management systems still hinder certain processes within a project and often organisations choose a “one size fits all” approach leaving processes, workflows and information in a rigid system.

Synergy platform is a suite of applications that can be configured to overcome the industry challenges and suit the precise 'project' requirements of each team member or organisation while continuing to use their daily software applications. Much of the effort in the Tender stage is worthless if the subsequent control of the working project is lacking. Monitoring is useless without the knowledge of what is important at the moment. Accurate anticipation of future problems is impossible without knowledge of the prior state and the desired state.

Our product mission is to connect people, information and processes, helping our clients to save time, money and mitigate risk. Our platform is low cost, easy to use and quick to deploy for our clients to have full transparency and accountability on all project information. Whether you are working on a single project, portfolio of assets or you need a solution to improve collaboration across your organisation – we can help.

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“Software as a Service” is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. In a nutshell, this means that you access and use our document management software online via any internet browser.

You don't have any software to install, no costly or specific IT infrastructure to buy; you simply pay a monthly fee to use our SaaS platform using your internet browser. This means we can deliver all the project benefits without the guidance from an IT department. Have access to years of product development for your business at a fraction of the cost. Delivering solutions from our remote data centre via the Internet, SaaS saves time, effort and money by simplifying system reliability and support, whilst adding value in the form of operational flexibility and guaranteed system performance.

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Document Management

Easy to use and quickly accessible. Safeguard changes with robust version control. Integrate clients, consultants, project managers and contractors. Users are unrestricted by location.

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Task Management

Task management gives you a flexible and controlled way to record and track tasks and actions with Synergy Task Manager.

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Quickly gain valuable insight into the state of your projects. View meaningful summaries of document distributions; tasks that are overdue or to be actioned; calendar events; and more. These project insights can be viewed as a portfolio or per project...

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Manage your project users easily and with great granularity. Users can be associated with multiple projects, given different permissions for different functions within the project and allocated specific roles to suit their level of contribution...

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Create events for important dates. Set up meetings with key individuals. Manage your daily activity with the Synergy calendar. Simple and effective calendar management...

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Correspondence within a project is vital. Synergy utilises project-specific emails to ensure the safe retention and retrieval of email data...

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The security and integrity of our client’s data is of paramount importance. Synergy is constantly evolving to thwart new and ongoing threats. We employee best-practices and leverage of expert security infrastructure to ensure peace-of-mind...

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