Get Immediate Information

Being able to get a high level view of the information while still presenting as much as possible is important and with the Synergy calendar you get that from the beginning. See the basic event details like title and description as well as time and priority.

Full Event Overview

Having a calendar list is one thing but being able to see your monthly calendar helps with long term planning and lets you know if you really have time for those all important meetings. Never get lost with what is happening and stay on track with how your schedule looks.


Adding a priority to events helps to organise and visually represent what you have to attend and what you might be able to move should you need to. Dont waste time navigating events, just view the colour coded priority and let the organiser know.

Event Details

Calendar events are more that just a simple description and a date. Synergy gives you the power of leading calendar tools like setting locations, attendees, all day events or timed meetings and allows you to create events that repeat or are once off.

Set Attendees

Most people have massive address books and creating a calendar event often requires a lot of time sorting through a large list of people. With Synergy your attendees are scoped to the project so finding that important person is quick and easy.