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The task landing screen provides all pertinent information for tasks that you have created or been assigned to. This information includes due dates, details, recipients, observers and attachments.


Notifications are sent to the authorised recipients, observers and creators when any changes are made to a particular task. This includes the changing of the due date, updating the details and when recipients add comments or make formal responses to the subject task.

Export Data

Task data can be exported to a common CSV format or for use with MS Excel. All data can be exported per project, or authorised users can filter out particular tasks for export. This is particularly useful for management meetings and for better insight into the productivity of the team.

Complete Tasks

Tasks can be marked as complete by the creators or designated recipients if either or both are satisfied with the completion criteria. This can be achieved with the simple checking of a tick-box directly from the landing screen and with multiple tasks at once. Task creators and project administrators are able to re-open tasks should the need arise.

Detailed View

Task details can be accessed can be accessed directly from the landing screen. This enables users to view details including the activity feed, attachments, comments. Here authorised users can also contribute by revising, commenting, adding attachments, downloading attachments and completing a particular task.


Tasks can be ranked based on priority ranging from low to critical. A simple marker on the task will indicate exactly how important it is. Tasks will be intelligently organised by priority in conjunction with the due date. Additionally, Synergy will alert all recipients and the creator if a task becomes overdue.


Store all information in a completely customisable folder structure to keep your project coherent and organised. Granular permissions can be established for each user in each folder to ensure that all users adhere to best-practice policies on project management, document control and security.


Task commenting is a valuable tool for enhancing collaboration. Users can easily communicate their intent and participate in discussions when working on tasks in concert. There is no longer a need for collaborative information to be disjointed and dispersed over multiple platforms such as email, text and instant messaging. This information can be unified into one stream for greater business insights.