Manage The User List

Get a full list of users within the project and organise them accorindg to their current state. See which users are endabled, disabled or pending and find users instantly with the live search.

See Information Quickly

Get some basic details on hand immediatly like what is their state, what role do they have within the project and what company do they work for.

Contact Users

Being able to see user details is one thing but with Synergy you are able to treat the user list like an address book. Dial their number directly from Synergy while viewing from your phone or send an email to the user with a click of a button. No more copy and paste, do it all from the app.

Quick Search

One of the key areas for Synergy has been performance and that translates to every aspect of the application, even the users list. Finding users and being able to access their information is important. As a manger being able to quickly edit their permissions is just a vital and with the live search feature you can do so in an instant. No waiting, no hoping you spelt it correctly, just immediate result from your search as you type.

Edit Details

In Synergy you can store all kinds of usefull information for each user. Link a user to an organisation, store thier contactable mobile or landline number and view their email address for that project. Being able to communicate during a project is critical and as a manager being able to control what the user can see and do is very important. To this end the user management tool helps cover all these areas.

Manage Permissions

Each user can be assigned a role with a project from general user to project manager, each with their own specific features and allowances. on top of that you can set the folder permissions for each user individually giving you the absolute level of security.

Enhanced Security

With greater control and granularity, Synergy gives you impressive security while trying to maintain ease of use and understanding. We know how important project information is and user management is an key link of that security chain.

Bulk Import

Adding users can be tedious and time consuming. Setting up their basic details is work enough, plus then you have to set their permissions. With Synergy bulk import, just upload a CSV file with all the details and let the app handle the grunt work.